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Micah Rogers

Hi! I am what I call an “Accidental Polyglot”. Growing up in a rural town in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with no exposure to foreign languages, I thought only geniuses could learn other languages. When I was 18, my curiosity got the best of me and I started studying Russian on my own, fully expecting to fail. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing because I didn’t want to look stupid when I failed. But then something strange happened. I didn’t fail. Little by little I started to understand things. Then I started to be able to say things. Soon I realized that even though it was going slow, I wasn’t going to fail! As long as I kept moving forward and putting in the work, I would learn this language, and I was hooked.

Fast forward to today and I speak fluent Russian, Arabic, Romanian and Spanish, conversational Italian, German, French and Turkish, and can be a successful lost and confused tourist in about five or so other languages. Along the way I’ve made every mistake possible and learned what works and what doesn’t. Most of all, I’ve learned that language is a journey, not a destination. You never stop climbing the mountain, but that also means you never stop enjoying the beauty around you. You are a pioneer blazing a trail in your own mind with unlimited new discoveries, and you only fail if you stop putting one foot in front of the other.

Services I Offer

English Coaching

Are you ready to take your language skills to the next level? I provide business professionals and social workers all around the world with high quality, full immersion English classes. No matter what your individual goals are, I will help you improve not just language skills, but language learning skills. During class I share what I’ve learned on my own language journey to help you develop progress that doesn’t depend on a tutor. Language is my passion. Helping others to find joy in learning is my privilege.

Translation and Proofreading

Do you have a document that you need translated into English? I translate from Russian, Arabic, Romanian or Spanish into English. I believe a good translation is one that is faithful to the original meaning, but reads as though it was written in the target language.

Do you have a document that you need to look like it was written by a native English speaker? I offer proofreading and editing to make sure your document is perfect.

What People Say About My Services

V. R. – Switzerland

“Micah is the Arabic teacher that I was looking for. He is attentive, patient and considerate. I can easily keep up with his pace and he does not overwhelm me with a lot of material and confusing explanations. When I ask questions, he uses his art of teaching to help me draw the right conclusions myself based on what I have already learned! I also appreciate that Micah is always on time, ready and well-prepared to start the lesson! I happily recommend him as a nice teacher who enjoys his job! 👍🏼“

C. B. – Oregon, U.S.A.

“When I got it in my head that perhaps I should learn Russian, a friend referred me to Micah. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but during the introductory session Micah’s passion for language and his clear explanation of the benefits of the program convinced me to continue my lessons. Now I look forward to them all week! Micah’s enthusiasm, varied exercises and logical method of teaching keeps me engaged and interested throughout the session. And the more Micah teaches me, the more I realize I am capable of learning a new language. For anyone considering tutoring, Micah Rogers is HIGHLY recommended!”

N. S. – Egypt

“Micah delivers outstanding translation services. He not only fully understands the source and target languages but he has the skill to communicate concepts and ideas in an accurate manner whilst conveying the communication with empathy and expression. When he is used for consecutive interpretation we are always impressed with his retention capacity which allows the team to present complete thoughts without interruption. And the way he communicates in each language makes all feel comfortable, relaxed and adds to a conducive environment. Highly recommended!”

J. R. – Nevada, U.S.A.

“Thanks again Micah for another life saving job interpreting today. My team and I really appreciated it, especially on such short notice. I highly recommend you to all my friends and coworkers!“

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